Preparing for Sale

The all-important First Impression

The first impression is crucial in capturing a buyer’s attention, as interest in the property is decided within the first few minutes of their inspection – either they like it or they don’t.

As a vendor, you want to maximise the number of interested buyers, which is critical in achieving a quick sale at the right price. To do this, it is important to present your house in the best way.

Preparation & Presentation

A well-presented, clean home is a strong indication that a property has been well-maintained and well-loved. Conversely an untidy house suggests to the buyer that the home is unlikely to have been well cared for with regular maintenance.

Buyers are more likely to imagine themselves (or their tenants) living in your property if you attend to:

  • cleaning and tidying (a professional house clean is advisable)
  • de-cluttering the furniture (less is more)
  • removing rubbish
  • gardens and lawns (freshly mowed, soil turned, a splash of colour)
  • fixing cracked or broken windows
  • spot painting & attending to the little jobs you have been putting off

Another point to keep in mind is that a ‘neutral’, inviting presentation will appeal to a wider range of people. Therefore, while tidying and cleaning, also remove any overwhelmingly bright or unnecessary accessories. Moderation is the key – having some colour or a statement piece can be good, but you don’t want the buyer’s impression of your house to be dominated by the acid-green coloured rug, for example.

At R&W Seaforth Balgowlah we know the value of ‘presentation points’ in influencing buyer behaviour. Once appointed, we will look at your home with a trained eye & advise you exactly what needs to be done to create the strongest impact & greatest increase in perceived value.

On the day…

On ‘Open Days’ or the Auction Day make a special effort to impress:

  • Make sure your entryway is meticulously clean – it is the first thing visitors see and it sets the tone for the inspection! Brush down the door, verandah and eaves areas, and polish the door handles to a brilliant shine
  • Open your curtains and blinds as wide as they’ll go to let natural light flood the space
  • Switch on lights to brighten darker rooms
  • Clean your windows and mirrors so they’re sparkling
  • On cool days, heat your home to a comfortable temperature and show off your open or gas fireplace, if you have one
  • On warmer days, showcase your home’s air conditioning (if it’s in good order)
  • Freshen the bathrooms, toilets and laundry areas with some colourful towels & a crisp-smelling air freshener (not too overpowering though!)
  • Remove pets and children from the property – no matter how loveable, they are too unpredictable to risk meeting your potential buyers
  • Fresh flowers, a well stocked wine rack & a couple of magazines on the coffee table emphasise the richness of life experienced in your home
  • Final touch – play relaxing background music (switch off the TV and radio)

Having held one fabulous inspection, don’t let the quality taper off. Buyers tend to be more critical on repeat visits when the euphoria of the first viewing has faded.

We are happy to offer you more advice on any property presentation matter. We’ll even put you in touch with décor stylists and reliable tradespeople who can help you get your property looking great – fresh, cared-for and well-loved.

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